Beginning to dance with my horse

All my life I’ve dreamed of being able to ride Piaffe and Passage. Dancing with my horse, in perfect harmony, one in body and spirit.

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I can’t quite say that we can do that…not yet…but almost! We only look like Charlotte and Valegro in our dreams, but Finn the Wonder Pony is learning and does steps of both piaffe and passage with the help of a ground person (videos at the bottom of this post). It’s fun! It’s bouncy and super springy! It’s exciting! A little too exciting sometimes, as Finn occasionally WAY overreacts to the sight of the piaffe stick, throwing himself about histrionically. Alfredo calls him “A little Napoleon.” The little diva has to throw a little tizzy fit before he gets down to work, and then he’s just fine and I think he enjoys the challenge and variety from his usual work.

Fortunately, we have been working on this with the help of Alfredo Hernandez, who does occasional clinics in our area and has been teaching piaffe/passage (and other facets of dressage) to horses and riders of all shapes and sizes for decades. Finn and I were introduced to Alfredo and  P/P in October and have schooled a little piaffe with our trainer at home since then. You can read about our earlier clinics with Alfredo here:

We returned to do some more work on collection and P/P with Alfredo recently at American Sporthorse in Watsonville, CA. The videos below show Finn doing some baby piaffe and then passage with the help of the bamboo. Use of the piaffe stick or the bamboo requires perfect timing and care as it can be dangerous to the handler – you can get kicked! In other words: don’t do this at home unless you REALLY know what you are doing. It’s easy to mess up the horse mentally or get yourself hurt, so please: go to a clinic with someone really experienced like Alfredo, and learn to do it correctly.

Piaffe and Passage require several years (perhaps as many as four, according to some experts) and careful training, strength development, and repetition before they are really confirmed. Finn and I are just beginning, but we are enjoying the lessons and the work benefits our other work. As an example, notice how beautifully Finn walks out after he does the Piaffe work, with a long overstep and a stretched neck.

One last thought from this clinic: the value of an experienced and talented trainer cannot be overstated. Alfredo pushed us just enough but not too much, knowing when to ask for more and when to give the horse a break so that he does not become frustrated.

Because of his experience, we were able to achieve not only some steps of piaffe and passage, but also steps of canter collection far beyond what I thought Finn could do. Lesson learned: it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and go to a clinic occasionally and learn something new! We can do more than I thought we could and my instructor at home will be so happy to hear that I have finally begun to figure this out…

Here, Finn does a few steps of Passage: fun and bouncy!

In this video, you’ll see and hear Alfredo instruct Carol in how to help me work with Finn on Piaffe.

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