A better mousetrap…

Mice. Bane of the barn. A chewed saddle pad corner here, plastic baggies chewed to bits, tack damaged (!), mice feces everywhere. Ick! At least I have all the feed in mouse proof containers.

SHRIEK! One just ran across my foot in the tack room. This has got to stop. No cats at this barn, unfortunately, so we have an endless supply of mice. No way to mouse proof my tack room. The solution?

The Raticator electronic mouse trap. 


  • Mouse dies instantly
  • No mess – simply pick up the trap and empty it into a nearby trash can. Don’t even look.
  • Bait with pellets or a piece of carrot – works like a charm!
  • Batteries last six months or 50 kills
  • No poison to worry about. Poison is environmentally hazardous.
  • Never touch a mouse – no worries about disease
  • Never worry about wounding a mouse or having it suffer. Kills instantly!
  • Expensive, but SO worth it. So clean and easy.

The mice come and go but the zapper stays there, waiting for them…Some weeks I don’t catch any; other weeks, I might catch a couple. Other people in my barn have got these now, too. One woman caught five mice the first day she ran the trap. That has to be a record.

Note that this is much more effective for mice than rats. Rats might be a little too smart to fall for this over and over again like the mice. I do regret killing them, but there is no way to keep them out of the tack room. This keeps the population under control and limits the damage. At least it’s quick and – I hope – painless.

Raticator mouse/rat trap. Available at Amazon and other places for approx. $50. Requires batteries.

Raticator mouse/rat trap. Available at Amazon.com and elsewhere for approx. $50. Requires batteries.

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