Bless this barn and the Horses within…

A surprising email entered my inbox:

 ISO of minister, shaman, priest(ess) or ex-priest for blessing of a stable

Blessing a stable and its horses? Why not?

Blessing a stable and its horses? Why not?

Intriguingly unusual! And guess what, HorseSage (me) just so happens to be an ordained christian minister. Retired, but I can still bless a stable. Never done it before, but it sounds like the perfect coming together of all my life experience and interests: Horses, spirituality, people, and a party afterwards. What could be better?

Although we follow many spiritual paths, many horse people find horses to be spiritual animals who help us connect more deeply to God.

I contacted the woman hosting the event and we immediately hit it off. Most horse fanatics speak a common language and we found we were on the same page. Pretty soon we were chatting about our adult children, our dreams of driving mini ponies some day, and how many horses we’d cried over. A new friend! You get it!

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the event as she wasn’t sure how many people were coming (20? 30? 50? 75?), or exactly where we would put things. This would have to be one of the (many) times I just had to prepare, pray, and trust God for the details.

Our basic plan was: Put the horses in the arena, doing a “parade of horses”, while I blessed the Horses and the new Arena and Barn. Then the Feast of Tacos, yahoo!

The appointed evening came, and all exceeded my expectations. The weather was perfect, the property was beautiful: horse heaven with immaculate barns (no flies!), large paddocks to play in, a beautiful new arena, friendly guests, and even an adorable pony foal to pet. What more could you want?Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 11.34.28 AM

What made this event different and special, though, was perspective:

They wanted to honor God in this experience, and to ask for his protection and blessing in the future.

It is powerful to invite God to be present, and we felt it. Below is the text of the prayers I offered.

Horse Blessing:

Lord, you created each of these horses and they give you great pleasure and joy. You know them by name and you know the number of hairs in their manes and tails. Thank you for them. Thank you for their unique personalities. We ask you to watch over them as tenderly as a mother watches over her children. 

Protect them from harm, from disease and injury, from fear. 

Deepen the relationship they are building with their human. 

May there be deep trust, friendship, and love between them. May they keep their human safe, Lord, and may their human keep them safe. 

In your name we pray, Amen.

Barn Blessing:

Father, thank you for these wonderful new facilities. We pray the arena will be safe for all horses and riders, and that it will be a positive place for learning, fun, and fitness. 

May the new barn provide shelter from the storm of rain which we hope is coming this winter (!). May it never leak and may the horses feel safe, secure, and content within its walls.

May this entire property be a place of peace, calm, and grace, where your presence is felt through these blessings, and where horse and human live together in harmony. 

Bless the larger horse community of Woodside and Portola Valley, and all those who work and live with horses. Thank you for these magnificent creatures!


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5 thoughts on “Bless this barn and the Horses within…

  1. We can never thank you enough for the beautiful and thoughtful blessings you bestowed on our beasts, our barn and our community, Edie. The Blue Moon evening was magical in many ways, and will never be forgotten by us, our friends, or our neighbors. Many warm thanks, and blessings – Nancy & Marty

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