Finn’s Christmas present to me: a lovely ride

My pony gave me the perfect present: a great ride today!

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 4.33.53 PM

The rain and consequently crowded arena sometimes makes me a bit grumpy or distracted in my ride. Sometimes it just feels like, “let’s just get this done.” I’m grateful for the covered arena, honestly I am, but it is hard to do concentrated work when people are jumping big fences while you’re trying to do dressage.

But today was different. I had a plan and I worked the plan, because no one else was there! Yahoo! A ring to myself, freshly dragged and all ours, such joy!

Finn and I took full advantage of our freedom to use the entire arena, and made the ride much more complicated than it has been lately. Circles! Zig-zag laterals! Random transitions without worrying that someone would run us over! Tempi-changes here, there and everywhere! Not all of it perfect, not by a long shot, but we had room to experiment, how perfectly delightful.

A big gallop round the arena whenever the energy started flagging, with plenty of praise (and the occasional small treat) kept Finn well motivated.MediumJPG_15CS9218_Dwan_TerriMiller-(ZF-3600-62173-2-003)

What an excellent pony and well deserving of the extra treats he got on this beautiful Christmas Day. My wish for all of you is a lovely ride on your horse, whether it be on the trail or in the ring. Hug your horse around the neck and smell that delicious smell…


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