Unicorn: found

The search for a new horse can begin to feel as fruitless (and hopeless) and the search for a mythical beast. Will I ever find my horse? Or was I looking for something that didn’t exist?

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Inside me, though, the “still, small voice” that some of us call the voice of God said:

“Your horse is not ready yet. Just wait and be patient. It will come.

One day I went to try a horse only about an hour from my home. He wasn’t exactly what I was looking for (a breeding stallion? really?), but he had some things going for him, so – why not? Well, as it turned out, the trainer wasn’t five minutes into the ride before I told her, “no, thanks.” Way too much STALLION for me, even if I gelded him.

Then she said, “no problem, but I do have this mare…she’s not really on the market, but the owner said maybe if the right person comes along, and I think she might suit you. Do you want to see her?” She described her and the mare sounded PERFECT. Great size, age, color, breeding, experience, temperament.


“Your coat may be bleached by the sun, but you are still beautiful and so sweet and kind eyed. Come live with me and be my girl.”

I rode her and she was FUN! She had a kind eye and pleasant demeanor, and even though she was very forward she felt safe, comfortable, and just plain right for me. I looked at her and could see what she might become some day (future FEI dressage horse, yes!).

My head and heart agreed that this mare made sense for me. While she didn’t have all the training I had been looking for, she has Temperament and Talent in spades. She will be a pleasure to train. And I just plain like her. In fact, I’m falling more in love with her daily.

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Starlight surprising me with a medium trot!

Meet my new unicorn:  Starlight, a black, Pure Raza Espanol (Andalusian) 2010 Mare. No really, she actually WILL be black when she sheds the bleached coat, at least for a little while. I know it’s hard to believe.


Starlight in her new home at Stanford Stables, getting ready for her first ride.


Edie acting very bored with the concrete trashcan: “Ho hum, this trashcan is so boring, Starlight. You don’t care about it all, do you? Want to come closer now?” So many new things to explore at her new barn!