Oh joy! Out on the trail.

Hooray! My barely six years old Andalusian mare – dressage diva and beautiful princess – turns out to be a Trail Horse Extraordinaire!

While I enjoy dressage and my intent is to go as far as I can with it, sometimes I just have to get out of the ring. All that round and round in circles and being perfect makes me LOCO.


Just arrived at the Woodside HorsePark. Note: no sweat marks (yet). If her front feet look a bit funny (lumpy), it’s because she has bell boots on.

Today, Starlight and I went with our friends, Karen and Xaleo (a lovely Lusitano gelding), to the Woodside HorsePark. We traversed hills (good for those haunches), and wandered through the little trails on the back side of the Park.

Star was so good that I forgot she’s never been on these trails. I was relaxed and chatting with my friend just enjoying the day. Then I realized, wait: I’ve never taken her on a real trail ride before! Hang on, this horse is a FANTASTIC trail horse!


I’m fumbling with my iPhone taking pictures when I realized Star has never been out on the trails with me before, so maybe I should put the phone away and pay attention…The white horse is Star’s buddy, Xaleo (Lusitano).

I know her former trainer took her out on the trail, but still, I didn’t know she’d be THIS good. Wow, so grateful!

Oh joy! The happiness of being out with a good horse, one who is sure footed, alert to its surroundings, sensible and not spooky. Smooth and comfortable to ride, with a good ground covering walk. This is a GOOD trail horse. Maybe we’ll just give up dressage (ha, not likely. But it’s nice to know that we have options).

On the other hand, I must confess that she would probably not make a good eventer. She spooked a bit at some of the cross country jumps. Fortunately, I do not want to jump them anyway. Yikes, WAY too solid.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Star went ahead of Xaleo after this and led the way for much of the ride. She prefers to be lead mare and he loves to just follow her like a nice herd mate.

3 thoughts on “Oh joy! Out on the trail.

  1. YAY! This post made me happy. Trail rides are either super fun, relaxing and a great way to bond with your horse…or basically the scariest hour of your life depending on who you’re on! 😛 So glad for you that Star enjoys it. Riding outside an arena does wonders for a horse and rider bond/trust relationship I think. I’ve never had a good trail horse until Clay so now I am living it up and we take trail rides as often as we can, usually on a long rein and at a walk (but once in a while there’s a field that just needs to be cantered through). I figured out you can actually practice a lot of good stretchy walk and trot on the trail…horses tend to me both more relaxed and more forward outside the confines of the arena!

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    • I completely agree! Either bliss or terror. I’m thanking God that with Star it seems (so far) to be BLISS for both of us. Had our first little solo trail ride today and she was fabulous. I’m so happy! I sang little songs to her the whole way and we had a great time :-).


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