At last! Bill is accepted into Star’s herd


Who is this interloper? Perhaps that carrot is poisoned.

It took only took a few weeks before Star began to relax with me, but it was about four months before she fully accepted my husband, Bill, as one of her herd. We could not figure it out. Bill is wonderful with animals and is my right hand man at shows, helping with trailering, horse handling, and so on. He is show and clinic photographer, horse holder, and giver of treats. He worked so hard to woo her – gentle pats, carrots, helping me brush her… but the suspicious look remained.

What does this strange man want from me? Why is he here with my mom? He’s going to make me go in the trailer, I just know it.

Actually, I think that might have been the problem: almost every time Bill showed up, Starlight had to get in the trailer and go somewhere. While she was willing to go in the trailer, it did worry her at first. That was THEN; NOW she happily LEAPS into the trailer (“Oh boy, free food, let me at it! And let’s go on an adventure!”).

Instead of greeting Bill with wary suspicion, Starlight now looks at him with soft eyes of anticipation: treat for me, my friend? Surely you have something for your best mare buddy?


Picture this recent scene: I am braiding Star, while Bill stands at her head, stroking her and murmuring to her. Soon I hear him softly singing her lullabies while her eyes drift closed. Is that a snore I hear? Not quite, but clearly she is entranced.

Somehow, her relationship with Bill has turned a corner: now she loves him. I smile: all’s well with the world.JD_DwanHorse_160708_0102

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