Starlight at the horse show

Starlight made the jump to Second Level this weekend, and did it in style with some quite good scores. Below are a few nice pictures from test 2-3. What a truly lovely setting and we always enjoy showing at Osierlea in San Juan Bautista, CA, where everyone is helpful and friendly, the footing is excellent, and there are gardens all around you. No dust or flies, either, I don’t know how they do it!

It’s horse heaven. Star told me she’d like to live there, but unfortunately it would be too long a commute for us. We’ll just have to visit occasionally.


Up the Centerline for the halt and salute




Medium trot across the diagonal


Collected canter right


More collected canter right!


Counter canter serpentine, right

5 thoughts on “Starlight at the horse show

  1. Yes!!!
    I had to click on ever picture, you both look so good together. And , I think it’s clear, she’s at a different level within herself now too, no?
    More settled in. What an awesome job to have gotten here already! !!

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    • Yes, I’m still sort of amazed how she just jumped up a level (or two) in the last six weeks. Some things suddenly clicked! And she is getting so much stronger. So much more work to do, of course. I watched my videos when I got home and shuddered at all the problems I still have to fix (still so much bracing creeps in, especially at shows where she can be a bit tense and I can’t circle or do a shoulder-in to soften her, darn it! I have to stay on this silly test pattern). But clearly she is growing up; and so much more focused and able to stay “with me,” no matter what else is happening around her. She feels seasoned now, and fairly well trained. Now it’s a matter of refining things and gaining more strength and balance and lightness. I really enjoy working with her, she is always willing and eager to try, although sometimes she just doesn’t quite get it or doesn’t have the strength for it yet.

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