Love affair with a mare

My dear friend, Velda Ruddock, professional photographer extraordinaire, captured something special in her lens…

 20160708_Edie and Starlight__DSC7515.jpg

Oh yeah, THAT’s the itchy spot, mom. Keep currying there please…ahhhhhh…..

 20160708_Edie and Starlight__DSC7548.jpg

What are we going to do today, mom? Something fun I hope? How about a nice trail ride?


 20160708_Edie and Starlight__DSC7551.jpg

Starlight, today you’re going to learn Tempi Changes, Piaffe, and Passage!

Ha ha, just kidding. It will be the usual walk, trot, canter.

 20160708_Edie and Starlight__DSC7692.jpg

That was a good day’s work, mom. I like being with you.


 20160708_Edie and Starlight__DSC7791.jpg

Let’s just snuggle. You wouldn’t happen to have any sugar, would you? I do love that stuff.

5 thoughts on “Love affair with a mare

  1. All of your recent posts about Star and you have been so sweet…it’s really fun to watch the two of you bond and blossom. I’m happy for you, bloggy-friend! It’s amazing that she’s already confident, balanced and strong enough to show at Second. Just think where you’ll be after a year together, and longer. 😀 These are special photos, from your beginning together.

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      • Yes, some kind of rubber flooring. Not tiles, more continuous. Maybe I’ll take a picture of it and post it some time. It’s easy to clean (sweep) so it’s solid, no holes. The stalls have it, too. This is Stanford University’s barn, so it’s kind of a showplace.


    • Thank you! The journey with her has been amazing and fun. She is a special soul, that’s for sure. Well, they all are, but this one…just extra special for me :-). The right match and I just love being with her. What joy!


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