Starlight moves to Arriba Vista Ranch

Starlight has moved to a beautiful place of rolling green hills, trails, nice arenas, and she even gets to live next door to her half-brother. How fun is that? Yes, they get along well, no sibling rivalry (yet).


The view from Starlight’s stall. You can ride those hills, and we will…

There are a lot of PREs (Pura Raza Espanol) horses here and some of them are half-siblings or cousins of Star’s.


“Could we have lunch now? Or a carrot?”

Wouldn’t you know, we had a major cold snap the day I moved, with rain coming in the day after. Oh joy. Star was very full of herself and more of a handful than usual, but we managed. That chilly air on her freshly clipped skin felt so shivery, it was hard to be well behaved as she usually is…Here she is, wearing her new Rambo blanket.


Above is the first arena I attempted to ride in today. It was a bit too open and breezy for a horse who was overly frisky today…so we went into the indoor arena. We’ll try outdoors again another day and it will be fine. Below is another arena for another day…So many nice places to ride, and I can’t wait to get out on the trail. Oh what joy! Trails restore my soul and Star likes them, too.


New sand was going into the smaller covered arena today (yes, there are TWO covered arenas here), and I thought these birds wheeling in the sky looked lovely. IMG_0414.jpg


I think we will be happy here.


5 thoughts on “Starlight moves to Arriba Vista Ranch

    • Thanks you! I have to admit to sleepless nights just before the move (and last night, as my mare spent her first night there). So stressful to move, somehow. But I think we will love it. The people are nice and those hills! those trails! got to love that 🙂

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  1. Oh, look at that! Love the rolling hills, and so many arenas! YES, she will be happy there! With two covered, and the outdoor arenas too, I gather you will not be short on company. Lovely! I think I’m turning into a hermit of sorts on the tiny little farm 😉
    Of course she was tense and a bit out of sorts riding there. We have a massive weather front this week – rain for some 8 days, and I’m sure there might be something similar over there, even if lesser. She could smell the wind of change! 🙂 And lots of birds to get used to. Couple of more rides and you’ll be golden.
    Hope you’re all unpacked. I always get out of my routines until all my stuff is in its right place. It’s like I have to have my little corner in the tack room “just so” before I can feel at home.
    Happy 1st weekend at Arriba Vista!

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    • Yes, it takes way too much extra brain power the first few days to remember where you put things (no routine to follow yet!). Star settled in after the first wild ride and is now her normal self. Can’t wait for a little drier weather so we can go explore those hills…so far we like the place and it’s fun having all those horse family members there!

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