And after the rains…

The seemingly endless rains of January and February brought lots of green grass to the hills of Northern California.

The trails beckon enticingly, but the hilly terrain means that they are still treacherously slippery in places.


The view from the top of Starlight’s hill. Makes you want to go explore those trails, doesn’t it? There are COWS in them thar hills, pardner!

We need a few weeks of warm, dry weather before Star and I brave the herds of cows and head out on the trails.

If you look very closely at the picture below, you will see a flock of geese is checking out one of our outdoor arenas. There is a small lake in it from the latest downpour.


To my surprise today, a large flock of enormous Turkeys blocked the road out of the Ranch today. They went up on the hill as I grabbed my phone. Can you imagine what a horse might make of them? They look small in the picture but they were about three feet tall.

These were huge turkeys (no really!), exclaiming “gobble, gobble, gobble“, just as turkeys should! Wish I could have caught one with the tail fanned.


Poppies! California poppies. Of course, whenever my husband and I see them, we hark back to the Wizard of Oz and the witch saying, “Poppies…poppies will make them sleep…”


Meanwhile, Star is happy as a pig in mud – emphasis on “in mud – to bask in the sun. She seems to enjoy applying a light coating of mud.

Right now she is the oddest color I call “Hyena” since she is dappled brown/black/dun. 


Yes, this used to be a clean blanket…and the horse was clean yesterday when I last saw her.

Soon she will be a gorgeous shiny black…for a few weeks, until her dedication to sunbathing bleaches her to a nice shiny dark bay for the summer.

Awww…look at that sweet, mud caked face.IMG_0447.jpg

13 thoughts on “And after the rains…

  1. Love your mud baby! Quick little brushing, and all that will buff right out. (cursing the invention of gray horseownership…) I hope you DO get out in the hills! They look so gorgeous!
    With a steady friend, she’ll probably brave the cows just fine.
    Turkey’s can be spooky though 😉 We had our very first bolt and run when a big group of them were hidden and suddenly flew up. Didn’t last long and my girl made sure to sort of “bring me along” in the spook. Your Star is a smart mare, bet she’d do just the same and play it safe!

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    • Star will be fine with the cows (unless they stampede). She grew up on a cattle ranch. The turkeys, though…I suspect those would be a problem, especially en masse like that. They scared ME. I was glad I was in my car. Seriously, some of them were half my size and if they had run at me…I would have shrieked and run away.


      • My ding-dong wouldn’t go near Canada geese while riding in the pasture. And there were only two of them! Of course, she also shied at a spot of snow that had blown in the back door of the indoor ring last week…help me Lord…

        Can’t believe all that green! Ireland in California! Should be a great crop of poppies with all that rain.

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      • I snorted at the thought of your horse shying at snow! Funny! and yes, we DO have poppies, lots and lots of them. I need to take more pictures. I cannot wait to get on the trail, although I may need both hands on the reins (in case those turkeys are lurking).

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      • Oh yes! Anything that has changed at all – the hose coiled differently. The chair moved to a new place. Even a weird furrow in the arena sand because the tractor didn’t drag it quite right! Oh, the horror!

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      • Ha, the arena furrow brings back another memory! My old Thoroughbred was not a spooker, but one day we went to the outdoor ring, recently dragged, in late afternoon sun. All he saw was rows and rows of dark furrow stripes which had absolutely no business being there and refused to enter. We went around and approached it from the side and all was well. Horses…

        Liked by 1 person

      • OH MY GOSH!!! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in days, especially since so much of my time is spent with depressing political news lately. I had no idea Turkeys were actually so aggressive! So…I was right to feel like they were menacing my car. I was right to be glad that I was IN my car, protected by steel (or it is aluminum these days), glass, and airbags. Now I really am scared to meet a turkey flock out on the trail. At least Star can outrun them!

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