Super Organize for Superior Tack Storage!

It started with this convenient rolling cart so I wouldn’t have to carry my heavy saddle.


Load it up with the Saddle, brushes underneath, hang some things on it, and away you go! Everything in one trip, so efficient. All things in their places.IMG_0457.jpg

I love my personalized “Saddle Mattress” protecting the saddle flocking from nasty hard metal racks, by the way. Every saddle should have one.

So it started with the rolling cart.

But things soon got much more complicated when people at the barn said this to me recently…

“Watch out for snakes in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. They sometimes come into the barn and into the tack cubbies. They can get in through the smallest of holes or cracks.

And they climb up and hide in your brush box or hang on the hooks among your bridles and surprise you…”

I shudder even now as I write these words. I have a real and true PHOBIA of snakes. It doesn’t matter that they reassured me that no rattlesnakes had ever been seen, only the “good” kind of snake.

I knew that if I ever found a snake hanging on a hook in my tack cubby, I would never be able to return to the barn.

Seriously. Call me a wimp, but I’ve had mice run out of it and across my feet and I’ve simply yipped a bit and stomped more next time to warn them I’m coming. but snakes?

Snakes are a deal killer for me. I can’t even put a picture of one in this article to illustrate it for you. Nope. I just hate looking at pictures of them. 

Enter my savior, my husband Bill: the Engineer and brilliant Anti-Snake Designer. He prepared to do battle with the warped doors of my tack cubby to seal them against all possible incursions of snakes – and mice, too, while we’re at it.

Fear no more, he said, this would be a SNAKE FREE ZONE. Weatherstripping was applied to every door surface, and a bolt to the outside so that the doors are securely fastened shut. No more holes or cracks for things to slither or crawl (shudder) through.IMG_0464.jpg

Regard the mini tackroom: A door for hanging things (note that beautiful snake proof weather-stripping!), hooks on the wall, and plastic storage boxes keep things dust free, organized, and mouse proof just in case a mouse does chew its way in somehow. The rolling saddle cart fits in the other side, although you have to take the handle off to fit it in. Well, we had certain constraints we had to work around.IMG_0460.jpg

A place for everything, and everything in its place. As you can imagine…I have a lot of other tack that lives in the garage at home. This has room for the daily essentials.

It may be tiny, but it’s my little (tack room) kingdom.

AND NO SNAKES. Not now, not ever.


11 thoughts on “Super Organize for Superior Tack Storage!

  1. Several folks have those rolling racks at the barn where I board. They are great–however I do think there are a few people who should get a driver’s license in order to use them. When you see a rack coming down the aisle, piled with three or four saddles, a bridle or two, and blankets, and grooming stuff and whips and treats and whatever–and you can’t even see who is pushing it…if I were on a golf course I’d be yelling “FORE” right about then.

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    • That image made me laugh! I can just imagine some short woman peering from behind a teetering pile of saddles as she careens down the aisle. What a terrible idea! No, no, the whole plan is to have it neatly organized with just ONE saddle, bridle, etc., and to park it correctly, out of the way of any horses who might back into it or people who might trip into it. You can see I think of all possible problems 🙂

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  2. This is wonderful!!! Brownie points to hubby!
    I love it. I have always wanted a rolling cart too. But for shows I settled for a hand me down Pull cart, you know soccer Style. it has worked surprisingly well.
    But the shows I love the best are the ones where we can work straight out of the trailer tack room of course!
    I really like what he built you there! I have had to scale down my wonderous collection and storing it in the garage. Now I just have a small Corner in the tack room which is kept very very neat. I still miss all my stuff and I wish I had something like yours 😘

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    • I also have one of those rolling folding wagon things for shows. Might just bring that and not the rolling saddle thing for shows, I don’t know. Very limited space in the car and the Brenderup has the teensiest tack room. Oh, for a real trailer tack room…ah well, I’m very grateful I have a trailer at all! Didn’t have one for decades.

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      • Have a love/hate relationship with mine. Love the clever and simple engineering. It all works well, it’s minimal, but effective. On the other hand, the tack room is tiny and does not work well for any overnight shows. I lust after my friends’ big dressing room trailers and pick up trucks at that point. But hubby did not want a pick up truck, so I had to find a trailer that could be pulled by a light SUV: voila! The Brenderup! It works. Very easy to hitch, haul, etc. You don’t even know it’s back there, honestly. Have to remind yourself. I pull it with an Audi Q5.

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      • My dream…. well, I know it won’t work with the Prius, but still 🙂
        I’ve been spoiled for long with very nice trailers from friends. I know your pain with not having a walk in tack room, I usually dress in them haha!

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      • Nope, can’t do that in a B-up tack room! But you could dress in the trailer (sort of) if you really had to. I dress at home and then put a skirt, jumper, or pants over it to keep it clean. It works.

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  3. Lovely! At the barn where I board we don’t have lockers…everyone’s tack and grooming tools are out in the open–saddles on metal racks (I got a saddle mattress for Christmas from my husband so my new custom saddle is protected–thanks for the tip!!) and grooming buckets underneath. It’s a small barn with only a few boarders, so it never really bothered me that we all share this space and nothing is locked away– until this winter, which was preceded by an unusually wet fall, prompting every mouse on the planet to move in! Blechhh! Mouse droppings all over my saddle pad, saddle mattress, in my boots, EVERYWHERE! Sure, they’re not snakes, but their shit is still gross! 😦 Now I look at your critter-proof locker with great envy! 😛 😉

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    • Oh yes, we have mice, too. I used to have a mouse that crapped all over everything, so I feel your pain – plus it darted out when I moved things and ran over my (fortunately booted) foot. UGG. But now it cannot get in, that locker is so nice and tight. Mwaahahahahahahaha.


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