Back in the saddle at last


It has been almost six months since I’ve ridden Star. 

Back in late March, Star decided she did not like her neighbor. Kicking the pipe corral fence separating them seemed like a good plan (to her).

Result: Bad news for us. A significant hematoma (bruise), swelling that would not resolve for many months, a small (fortunately insignificant) lower suspensory branch tear.

Many, many months of icing, walking, wrapping, lasering, ultrasounding the leg to check healing, etc.

The good news is that the prognosis was always excellent (full recovery). The bad news is that it took forever for that swelling to resolve. Horse legs don’t have very good circulation and she really whacked the leg hard (foolish mare). Healing took a long time.

Everything was complicated by us being in the middle of moving from Northern California to San Diego, CA. Star stayed at the rehab center longer than I would have liked, simply because I didn’t want to move her twice and I knew she was safe there.

Two weeks ago, she arrived safe and sound in San Diego. Oh joy! And I rode her two days later. My, she felt much wider than I remembered.


My daughter visited a few days later and took pictures. Star and I are both out of shape, but we’re getting our groove back on and it feels so good to be back together again.


4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle at last

  1. Biggest smile on my face!!! SO happy for you that she’s healed up well, and that you’re TOGETHER again. Must have been hard to have her far away, not knowing if she was truly going to come out of it, but of course, with moving and her needing a familiar place and a rehab routine it was the right choice. San Diego is quite the change from up here! Good for you, and most of all, good for both of you to be off to a fresh start! Yay!

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  2. Oh my! I’ve been wondering about you two and hoping everything was ok. SO sorry about Star’s injury, but happy to hear she’s mended and you’re back in the saddle. Congratulations on the move!

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