Sorry honey, it’s good for you

With the sensitive skin of her breed (Andalusian), Star can tend to suffer from skin irritations and fungal infections very easily.

It is important that we keep her and her tack clean and be vigilant about quickly treating anything that gets started.

We’re in the midst of some heat related late summer facial fungal thing that requires constant careful face washing and treatment.

Oh joy.

Star is not enthusiastic about face washing:

“Oh, the indignity! I thought you loved me, mom. Apparently not. This is HORRID. You will have to make this up to me with carrots. Lots of carrots. ICK!!! It’s cold and wet.”


After washing daily with a clean washcloth and water, I apply a product with tea tree oil to fight the fungus. This isn’t the exact product, but it is similar:

It’s a constant battle and the best cure is prevention: watching to be sure all tack, halters, and blankets are clean and fit properly so that there are no rubs. I’ve learned from experience that fine hair on Andalusians rubs very easily and then you have an entry point for the fungus to start.

Here’s to a beautiful coat and no more fungus!!!

Star just in from turnout with a dusty face and looking like she has mule ears (she doesn’t) …but still so cute!

IMG_9621 2.jpeg

9 thoughts on “Sorry honey, it’s good for you

  1. Look how nice and black her coat is these days!! Clay has sensitive skin too and Ive tried many things that didnt work or made his sweat itch/rain rot/etc. worse. Finally discovered Equiderma Skin Lotion and I LOVE it. It really works, and fast! And it’s perfect for us cold-climate dwellers because I don’t have to rinse it off (we don’t have a heated wash stall so basically can’t give bathes for the 8 cold months of the year.) 😛 After only a couple treatments his rash went away and his hair is growing back smooth over the spots where it used to grow in funny due to the skin bumps. I think it prevented the problem from reoccurring, too, because we have had the wettest and most humid summer ever and yet he has had NO skin issue at all since I last applied the lotion months ago. Kind of amazing!!

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  2. Star’s so pretty ❤ Definitely going to see if I can get some of that tea tree oil spray. My ponies don't have overly sensitive skin, but it sounds like it would be good for your run-of-the-mill bug bites and things too? My mares get a lot of bug bites around their udders, poor little things. I wonder if this would feel nice for them?


    • A trainer I worked with swore by it, I think it does generally calm skin irritation. I am also going to try some of the Equiderma Skin Lotion Tanya recommended (see comments below). We have been washing Star’s icky parts with Betadine scrub and that is making a big difference with the creeping crud of fungus. Thank you for the compliment on Star’s prettiness – in spite of the fungus, she IS still awfully pretty :-).

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